Canadian Highway Carrier Code Application

for Carriers wanting to enter Canada


Our goal is to make the carrier code application really easy for you. Using our guided carrier code application you will ensure you have all the correct information on your first try. Once complete, simply print and sign your application.



Business Name

Include your full legal name and entity type e.g. Inc, Ltd., LLC etc.

Operating / Trade Name

What is the difference between trade name and legal name? A legal name is the entity's formally registered name. It appears on business papers, tax documents, and other government forms. A trade name is a name that the entity chooses to conduct business under.

Language of correspondence

CBSA can respond to your application in French or English.
Company Ownership

Company Onwership Type

The carrier must provide as proof of ownership a photocopy of the following documents, in English or French, based on their company ownership type


articles of incorporation or business registration documents


business registration documents listing all partners

Sole Proprietorship

government issued photo identification

Are you a Canadian Company?

CRA Business Number - The business number is a 15 character identifier issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) (e.g. 123456789RM0001)

For additional information please visit the CRA website at
Type of application
We currenty support only non bonded application

Non Bonded

Most carriers are non-bonded, this means their goods need to be released at the border before crossing into Canada.
Your business address

You do not need to list all your employees. Only provide the CBSA contact information for authorized personnel whom may be contacted for the purpose of this application.

Please list all vehicles owned by the company.

As an authorized officer of the applicant company, I certify that the information on this application and in any attached documents is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete.