Canadian Customs Brokers

NameSecurity Code
7171366 Canada Inc.
A & A Contract Customs Brokers16865
A. Hartrodt Canada 11163
A. Harvey Logistics12955
A.E. Horne & Son11080
ABC Customs Brokers13029
ACGI Shipping 10021
AHL Professional Services Ltd.
ALB Compagnie International10013
ALS Customs Services
AN Deringer
ASR Cargo
Aafaqui Alafzal Customs Brokerage
Academy Customs & Traffic Inc.
Accurate Customs Brokers18358
Ace Trade & Customs Service
Action Customs Services10405
Active Customs Brokers
Advanced Global Transportation Technologies
Agility Logistics13037
All Ways Accurate Customs Brokers
Alliance Border Services
Alpha Logistiques11262
Altair Logistics
Ameri-Connect Freight Services
Ampacific International
Anderson & Brickner Customs Brokers 10249
Anson Customs Brokerage
Apex Customs Brokers10142
Argo Customs10007
Arrival Customs Brokers
Atlantic Ex-Works
Atlantic Pacific Customs Brokers10122
Auburn & Tremblay11809
Axxess International11825
B & B Custom House-Brokerage
B. Zee Brokerage19497
BBE Customs Brokers & Consulting
BCB Canada10694
BDP international
BGL Brokerage16964
Bay Brokerage
Bay City Brokers
Beaver Brokerage 14597
Bin Hu O/A B & C House
Binex Customs
Bolloré Logistics Canada10819
Border Brokers10016
Border Giant
BorderBuddy 10130
Bridge Logistics
Bridgeview Customs Brokers15776
Bridgewood Customs Brokerage
Buckland 13557
C.H. Robinson13391
CEVA Freight Canada
CMA CGM Logistics Canada10094
CN Customs Brokerage Services11304
Calgary Customs Brokers13417
Canaan Transport Group10389
Canadian Customs Brokerage Services and Consulting Inc
Canadian Customs Brokers
Canadian Customs Consulting11908
Canadian Customs House10843
Canamex Customs Brokers
Canusa Logistics
Capital Customs Brokers
Caratrans Logistique10397
CargoWell Global Logistics
Carson Customs Brokers 15008
Cavalry Logistics International of Canada, Inc.
Charles Higgerty13243
Charter Brokerage Canada 12310
Chois Customs Consulting
Clear Customs Brokers
Clearit Customs Brokers10150
Clearsmith International
Clerkware Canada
Coast Customs Brokers10080
Coherent Trade & Customs Service
Coherent Trade & Customs Service Inc.
Cole International13409
Commercial Customs Brokers
ConsultExpo Event Services
Continental Logistics 10109
Counselor Customs12369
Courtney Agencies16766
Crane Worldwide Logistics Canada10022
Cross Border Solutions13565
Cross Connect Customs and Event Logistics
Customs Hub
Customs Hub
Customs Trade Services
Customsquote Brokerage Services
D.H. Cargo International
DH Customs Broker
DHL Express (Canada), Ltd.
DHL Global Forwarding12138
DSV Canada12021
DTS Advance Logistics
David Kirsch Custom Brokers17210
Davidson & Sons Customs Brokers13060
Davidson Custom Brokers11965
Delmar International 10105
Delta Customs Brokers11833
Despradelle Canada10397
Dilas International Customs Brokers12922
Direct Customs & Solutions
Dolbec Y. Logistique/Logistics International11197
Dynamic Customs Brokers
EAJ Customs Brokers
EDDI Trade Consulting Services Inc.
EDI Customs Brokers10330
EMO North Customs Brokers
Elixir Customs
Encoast Expedite
Eshpre Global
Eurofret Canada10173
Events Logistics Worldwide
Expeditors Canada12096
Express Customs Broker
F.A. International
FB Canada Express
FCL Fisker Customs & Logistics
FEDEX Trade Networks Transport and Brokerage13003
Federal Express Canada Corporation
Film Logic Customs Brokers11007
Flexport Customs Canada
Four Points Customs Broker
Frank M. O'Dowd
Fraser Direct Logistics11171
Frederick W. Johnson Limited Custom Brokers
Frontier Supply Chain Solutions12237
Fyke Logistics
G&C Logistics
G.W. Nickerson Company 12757
G4 Logistics Support Services
GC Logistics
GCB Glover Customs Brokers Inc
GCI Global
GHY International10348
GTS Gateway Transportation Solutions
Garden City Customs Services
Gateway Customs Brokers
Genghis Khan Logistics
Geo Express International
Geodis FF Canada13722
Gestion Douanière W2C 10256
Girdlestone Brokerage
Global Logistics Freight Solution Corp
GlobalTrans Inc.
Globco International
Go Shipping Inc.
Golden Jet International Freight Forwarders
Goldline Global Logistics
H. H. Smith
HOC Global Solutions
Happyroad Express
Harte & Lyne
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Hemisphere Freight & Brokerage Services19471
Hercules Forwarding
Hodori Express Canada
Homeland Customs Brokers
Honda Trading Canada Inc.
IMAX Customs Broker Corporation
IMEX Customs Brokers14217
ITN Logistics10006
Importation d'Auto Ricden Inc.
Indigo Freight Services
Inland Customs Brokers 17137
Intalink Freight Services
Integrated Customs Services
Integrated Customs Services
Interglobal Logistics
International Trade Solutions Canada
J.B. Ellis & Co.13540
J.J. Robertson Ltd.
J.W. Smith Customs Brokers12419
JDI Logistics
JET Customs Services
JMD Customs Brokers Inc.
JMS Customs and Consulting
JORI Logistics 10660
Jack Rutherford Customs Broker Limited
Jaime Seidner c/o Pricewaterhouse Coopers Associates
Journey Freight International
KDS Global Logistics
Kerry Brokerage Services
King Bros Custom Brokers13573
Kingsview Customs10004
Kintetsu World Express17822
Korex Logistics Canada
Kuehne & Nagel International13284
L. Rolland Charron Inc.
L.M. Clark Customs Broker17541
L.V. Matthews Customs Broker11098
LCS Customs Brokers11023
LEI Customs Brokers16907
Landmark Trade Services 12179
Les Entrepôts Intramodal Inc. Intramodal Warehouses
Lily Customs Brokerage
Link + Customs11676
Logistics Link 00000
Logix Customs Broker 10045
Lynden Canada12088
M.E & P.E. Samson Customs Brokers11049
MKMARIN Trade Services
Maersk Logistics & Services Canada12161
Maple Customs Brokers
Maple First Customs & Logistics Brokerage
Mathers Logistics 10092
Merchant Customs Brokers
NAAIL Customs Brokers
Near North Custom Brokers10215
Nippon Express Canada17848
NoGlobalBorders Brokerage
North American Logistics Service
Northex Customs Brokers
Northland Logistics
Novalink Logistics
Oakville Customs Brokerage
Omnitrans / Metro Customs Brokers14969
One Time Customs Brokers
Orbit Brokers
Otimo Customs10136
P.S. Customs Broker
PF Collins Customs Broker13649
Pacific Customs Brokers 13292
Pantos Logistics Canada
Parbir Customs Broker
Parkview Customs Brokerage
Parkwood & Cavanaugh10645
Passport Cargo
Peninsula Custom Brokers Limited15594
Percy H. Davis13128
Port 7 Customs Brokerage
Portside Consulting Corp.
Portside Customs Brokers
Precision Customs Brokers
Precision Forwarders & Brokers13763
Preferred Service Customs Brokers 19752
Prestige World
Priority 1
Priority Worldwide10059
R & W Customs Brokers11734
R. & W. Customs Brokers
R. & W. Customs Brokers
RHB Logistics
Radiant Global Logistics
Ramsay Customs & Logistics
Reliable Logistics
Rhenus Customs Brokers 10785
Right Way Customs Brokerage
Rimbosh Logistics10003
Robert Sacco Customs Broker
Rome Customs & Trade
Runnin’ Red RNR International
Russell A. Farrow13177
Rutherford Global Logistics13201
S.M. Hewitt Limited13581
SC Integrators Inc.
SECAM International
Sandhar Global Logistics
Savino Del Bene Canada
Schenker of Canada13888
Sea Air International Forwarders 17046
Seamont Brokerage & Transport
Shamrock Customs Brokers
Shelini Transportation CS World Cargo
Sifa Canada Inc.
Skyway International Customs Brokerage
Sparx Logistics Canada
Sterling Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders12948
Strader-Ferris International SFI Canada12112
StraitLink Global Logistics10093
Summit Customs Brokers12880
Summit International Trade Services Inc. dba ISL Customs Brokers
Sunbridge Global Logistics
Sunshine Logistics
TRI-AD International Freight Forwarding 12054
Team Cargo Logistics11122
The Georgetown Group
The Rutherford Group
Thompson, Ahern & Co.13615
Total Customs Services12617
Total Express
Traders Customs Brokerage 18333
Traffic Tech 12534
Trans American Customs Brokers of Canada
Translinks International Customs Brokers
Transpacific Customs Brokers 17905
Trillium Customs Brokers17897
Triple Eagle10032
Triumph Customs Brokerage Service19868
TurboClr International
UPS Supply Chain Solutions12997
Uclear Customs
Umbrella Logistics
United Parcel Service Canada
Universal Logistics Canada13433
Usav Customs Brokers
Valueway Global Logistics
Vancan Customs Brokers
Vancouver Customs Broker13714
W.G. McKay Limited13235
Welke Customs Brokers17863
White and White Customs Brokers18341
William L. Rutherford (B.C.) Limited
William L. Rutherford Limited
Willson International13276
World Wide Customs Brokers 16717
YRC Freight
Yusen Logistics Canada10207

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